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Radio Communication Solutions

From simple back to back communications for smaller jobs or large, repeater driven two-way radio systems with handsets and base station, purchase, two-way radio rental and service contracts – we can help you with communications solution tailored to your exact requirements and specification.



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Two-Way Radio Rental

Whether it's a national convention or an unexpected turnout to an event, our two way radio rental program offers an affordable solution to your communication needs. Our Rental Department provides top quality Motorola two way radio rental equipment at a moment's notice.


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Technical Support Centre

Our Technical Support Center will evaluate any system for problems in programming, equipment, or positioning to get your system running at peak efficiency.The center also provides systems maintenance , programming radios and infrastructure repeaters, designing and building radio solutions, installing systems and providing customer support.




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Two Way Radio for Retail


Managing communication in shops, shopping centres and town centres require reliable and efficient systems to ensure smooth operations in a variety of situations.

Single shops can benefit from licence-free or analogue two-way radios as they enable staff to communicate from floor-to-floor or different areas on the same floor with the added bonus of discreet communications using:

  • Caller ID
  • Ear-pieces
  • Discreet microphones

Shopping malls and town/city centre shopping complexes require an even more robust radio communication system. One ideal solution is to use a digital or trunked system which uses repeater base stations and antennae to provide the strongest and most reliable coverage. With this system shop management can react swiftly to issues of safety and security.


For more information on two-way radio systems for Retail, call us on
05 687 0849, email us or use our online enquiry form.


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